Hair Color

Olaplex works on ALL Hair Textures!


What is this Olaplex you keep hearing about?  Let us get you up to speed.

Olaplex is the latest breakthrough in preventing breakage and restoring life and luster to your hair. Olaplex is a “bond multiplier,” it will multiply and rebuild those bonds, lessening the damage and leaving your hair healthier and stronger than it would otherwise be. A group of reputable and award winning chemists created the product and colorists worldwide are achieving amazing results.  This must-have technology is the perfect haircolor upgrade during your next service. Want to know more? Read on.                  

Who is Olaplex for?

We are happy to announce Olaplex works on ALL Hair Textures!  Perfect for any client who is looking to dramatically change their haircolor, clients with fragile hair or those prone to breakage, relaxed and chemically processed hair.  If you want to strengthen your hair and drastically reduce the look of split ends, try Olaplex on its own.  No color service required. 

How is Olaplex used?

As an in salon treatment Olaplex Bond Multiplier No. 1 is added directly to your color or lightner formula.  After rinsing color from the hair your colorist will apply Olapex Bond Perfector No. 2 for 5-10 minutes then rinse, shampoo, and condition.  As an added bonus Olaplex has created a take home product for client use in-between salon visits. Hair Perfector No. 3 is to be used once a week to further strengthen the hair and help your color last longer.

At Alter Ego Studio Salon, we are proud to offer Olaplex along with great colors, cuts, and styles! Our staff is highly trained and ready to help you transform your hair. Have you been tough on your hair?  Do you notice signs of hair breakage and split ends?  Talk to your stylist about Olaplex.