3 Highlighting Trends to Try This Fall

Today, we'll show you 3 of the most popular freehand highlighting techniques requested by clients at Alter Ego Studio Salon and share how to keep them looking beautiful using our AE Professional Home Care line!  


Baby lights are very fine subtle highlights on a darker base, meant to mimic natural lightening by the sun. When combined with balayage you end up with hair color that is  seamlessly swept into lighter ends. Keep your color from going brassy by using our AE True Hue Anti-Fading Shampoo and Color Moist conditioner. This beautiful example is by Alter Ego stylist Makinsee. 




We start with very dark roots that have very little gradient color transition until about mid shaft, and then an explosion of platinum. Keeping the health and integrity of the hair is of the most importance so we use Olaplex in our lighter to keep strands healthy. Keep your bright ends from going brassy by using AE True Hue Highlights shampoo and Color Moist conditioner. We will then send you home with Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector to use once a week to additionally strengthen you hair.  Check out this gorgeous color by Alter Ego stylist Tim.


3. Subtle & Sexy

Less is more! Highlights don't have to be mean bright blonde tones. Staying one to two shades lighter than your base shade creates an overall softening, sexy effect.  AE Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner contain UV protection and keratin protein which will keep your hair from premature fading while keeping tresses smooth and frizz free. This lived in color was created by Alter Ego stylist Tasia.