Sizzle Your Locks into Summer

Tim Muir provides a product breakdown for all hair textures

Summer is officially upon us and with the brighter skies and skyrocketing temperatures comes a new season of managing those locks. Alter Ego Studio Salon owner and hair/makeup stylist Tim Muir shares insight on how to make the most of your hair this summer with the help of some products from the Alter Ego Signature Line.

Tim talks kinky/curly, soft/wavy, and sleek/straight hair. Find your texture below and see what Alter Ego Signature Line product will help you maintain swoon-worthy hair all season long.


Those sporting kinky/curly locks should keep their hair hydrated. 

Those sporting kinky/curly locks should keep their hair hydrated. 

“Summer brings heat, with heat comes dry,” says Tim. This is especially true for those living in desert states like Utah. With practically no humidity in sight, those sporting their natural curls face the dryness that the warmer months bring with it. Tim advises using a product that keeps natural curls nice and soft.

 “You want to define and soften those curls by keeping your hair moisturized. This is especially true if you love spending time in the water, where dry, brittle split ends and breakage occurs,” explains Tim, adding that whether the culprit is chlorine or salt, the damage is the same.

 The solution? Tim recommends an anti-frizz curl créme. At Alter Ego Studio Salon, Tim swears by Keratin Therapy shampoos and conditioners. “This product can be used year-round but it is especially wonderful during the hot and dry weather,” says Tim.

 Salt- and sulfate-free, the Keratin Therapy shampoos and conditioners are a great addition to maintaining keratin treatments and keep the moisture locked in your hair, allowing you to love your locks all summer long.


Wavy hair is at its best when it's soft. 

Wavy hair is at its best when it's soft. 

Soft and wavy hair applies to those who fall in between straight and curly hair. Blondes with soft/wavy hair tend to experience more dryness, resulting in brittle ends and breaks. Those who prefer to straighten their waves during the warmer months tend to face the possibility of over-drying their hair and experiencing breakage—an especially negative experience if you don’t want to cut your long hair. 

 “You want to use products that give you the ability to wear your natural waves and keep them soft rather than heat your hair,” says Tim. He recommends rocking the natural soft and wavy look during the warmer months to avoid breakage. To do this, he suggests Making Waves Beach Spray, AE Co-Wash, and Elixir 11.

 The co-wash, a shampoo and conditioner in one, allows users to not have to use too much soap in their hair, which can cause dryness. “This is a great product for those on-the-go who don’t want or have to wash their hair every day. It keeps the waves in tact and doesn’t dry out the hair,” explains Tim.

 The co-wash utilizes a cleansing conditioner that takes the oil out of hair but also keeps it moisturized. Tim also recommends using it after swimming in a pool or salt water.

 Elixir 11 is an Alter Ego Signature Line product that the salon team uses on all of their clients during their experience at the salon. The anti-aging hair treatment is also great for those in need of a bit more moisture to keep their waves in tact. Elixir 11 is a leave-in conditioner that keeps hair soft as well as protects it from heat should you decide that you need a break from those natural waves. A superhero within the realm of hair, Elixir 11 offers the following benefits:

 · Seals color

· Smooths frizz

· Repairs damage

· Prevents split ends

· Moisturizes dry hair

· Strengthens fragile hair

· Prevents flat iron damage

· Prevents pool and sun damage

· Adds shine, softness, and silkiness

· Protects from blow drying dry out

· Improves texture and manageability


Those with straight hair should aim to keep oil at bay during the hot summer months. 

Those with straight hair should aim to keep oil at bay during the hot summer months. 

“Ironically, those with sleek/straight hair experience more oily hair during the warmer/dryer months,” says Tim.

 The key to maintaining straight hair during the warmer months is using protecting and moisturizing products that you can put in your hair without leaving the hair heavy and greasy. Those with sleek and straight locks should also be sure that their hair is 80 percent or more dry before stepping outside in hot, humid, or rainy weather to prevent their hair from becoming frizzy. To keep the oil at bay—and speed up the drying time—Tim suggests using Brilliance Ironing Sealer. The oil- and water-based product contains healing argan oil to tame frizz and add a light, healthy shine to the hair without making the hair look oily or flat. Brilliance also speeds up the blow drying process by 40 percent, which is great for on-the-go styling.

 Bonus Tips

  • Those sporting coarse hair (or when in high-humidity climates) can layer on Straight and Smooth straightening balm before blow drying hair to keep strands controlled and frizz-free.
  •  Blowout Extending Spray is a great way to keep styles fresh. The product is ideal for combating oil in two-day-old styles because it absorbs oil and revives the hair. 

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