Hair Color

Balayage Beauty

The latest and greatest concept in hair fashion is one that enables individuals to not only rock their natural color, but also save some money and time by visiting the salon less frequently. Meet the balayage: a technique that brightens hair while adding dimension and creating a more natural look.

At Alter Ego Studio Salon, the balayage has become many clients’ go-to request.

“It is a style that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep,” explains Alter Ego owner and hair/makeup artist, Tim Muir. “It’s a very natural, subtle look.”

The balayage is perfect for those wanting to get back to their roots. Not to be confused with the popular ombre style, which melts three different colors from darker to lighter, the balayage is more of a highlighted, natural-blended look. One that Tim refers to as “painted.”

“The painted looks are more of a trend right now because of their benefits of less upkeep and the more natural effect,” says Tim.

The prospect of less upkeep is particularly appealing to those clients on the go. Depending on their hair, clients can go anywhere from three to six months in between appointments, especially during the summer because of the natural highlights that the sun brings out in the hair. This cuts down tremendously on time—and money—spent at a salon.

There is no color requirement to sport a balayage. Tim and his styling team have created beautiful painted looks on clients with hair colors ranging from super dark to red to blond. The final result ultimately depends on what the client is hoping to achieve.

“When a client requests a more natural look, I suggest a balayage. This begins with discussing the color level of the client’s natural hair color, and then finding out what color the client desires to be,” explains Tim. “Those wanting to spend less time maintaining the look will want to stay on the more natural side.”

Once a color is determined, Alter Ego Studio Salon stylists goes over the lightening process with the client. From there, the stylist gets to work creating a seamless look that generates stunning results.

Interested in sporting a highlighted natural look? Talk to your Alter Ego Studio Salon stylist about the balayage.